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  • This is the official mailing list of the progressive rock group echolyn.
    530 members Last activity Mar 10
  • Update on T-Shirts and CDs : we're working on it! Check out the embarrassment.org site in the near future. This is the revived mailing list for news about, information on, and general riffing over The Embarrassment, the...
    192 members Last activity Jun 25, 2014
  • Hi and welcome to the John Elefante e-mail discussion group. This list was previously on Progrock.org but had to be moved.
    169 members Last activity Dec 29, 2013
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  • NOW HEARING "zhi wo cui mian" BY ENERGY [[* �eäàs�ñÆ�e�‹ *]]
    1553 members Last activity 8:10 PM
  • 1273 members Last activity 8:35 PM
  • This group is about the Lebanese Romantic Artist (Elissa Khoury)
    190 members Last activity 7:28 PM
  • dIs gRoUp iS liNked t0 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ai_energy/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/energy_fadian/ http://asia.groups.yahoo.com/group/EneRgy_FoReveR/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cHuAn-yUe_eNeRgY...
    637 members Last activity 10:10 PM
  • Thanks for visiting the Endor Fan Club! Join the group to receive news on tour dates, upcoming releases, and information about the band. Visit www.endornoise.com . upcoming shows: Over there at that one place at you know what time.
    539 members Last activity 11:51 PM
  • this group is for people interested in trading/obtaining bootleg live shows, and underground material of Evanescence especially, as there are very few sources of for their boots thus far, but other bands as well, particularly...
    327 members Last activity 9:58 PM
  • Hi, and welcome to Fallen For Evanescence! This is a group dedicated to the awesome band, Evanescence. Here, the fans can get together and chat about the band, look at pics, and many other things. If you...
    248 members Last activity May 3