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  • Welcome!
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  • Welcome!
    125 members Last activity Apr 16
  • Sveiki! This is a Latvian social and club inspired by the Latvian Happy Hour Club of Chicago lhhc.com . For those of Latvian heritage their friends and the curious. I...
    192 members Last activity Apr 16
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  • list of AIESEC in Latvia alumni
    144 members Last activity Apr 16
  • TRANSLATORS IN LATVIA Welcome to Translators in LATVIA Group,you can meet here with other friends who make translations,share informations and start a friendship based on a different subject. If...
    24 members Last activity Mar 15
  • Hello to everybody. I open this group becasue ý like your country and your freýndshýp. I live in Turkiye and ý had one girl freind from latvia we met her in my summer holiday. I lost the telephone and the address then...
    60 members Last activity Feb 10
  • Latvian Killer Girls. Heroines of Latvia. Latvian Amazons. Latvian angels. Alina Lebedeva. "Guests appear. Vladimir Lenski, fiancé of Olga...
    46 members Last activity Sep 21, 2013
  • A moderated forum for the discussion of Latvian life -- land and diaspora, politics and culture. (This group is essentially defunct; I haven't deleted it only because it is sometimes useful as a place to disseminate a file and because some of the early discussion was...
    68 members Last activity Apr 8, 2013
  • A non-commercial email discussion list specifically to support English teachers (and all ESL/TESL/EFL/TEFL) in Latvia. Please join and help it to build momentum.
    160 members Last activity Apr 8, 2013
  • Students.lv - tâ ir vçstkopa Latvijas studçjoðo informâcijai.
    24 members Last activity Jan 27, 2013