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  • Hi all, welcome to my balloon group! I made this group for all you balloon poppers out there, and I know there are ever so many out there. I however am a mega balloon freak and am a strict non popper, but I figured I'd open this group...
    900 members Last activity Feb 26
  • This club was developed or professional balloon entertainers to share ideas, techniques, and skills about the balloon entertaining industry.
    653 members Last activity Dec 22, 2014
  • Balloon Twisters Twisting for entertainment, gifts and decoration.
    191 members Last activity Mar 17
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  • I wanted to have a place where balloon artists could meet, talk and share ideas. Anything from new sculptures to help to business ideas for making our profession grow not only in finacial ways.
    304 members Last activity Oct 15, 2016
  • Hello all, welcome to my non popping balloon group, here in this group, no popping talk will be allowed, in this group it's a big sin, a [balloon] sin, and it won't be allowed. I allow only clean and appropriate talk about fun nonpopping balloon fun, if you are a clown or...
    228 members Last activity Jun 1, 2014
  • WELCOME TO CLOWNIN' AROUND BALLOON ANIMALS! This club is for people who love balloon animals and magic. If you would like to talk to me you can e-mail me.
    267 members Last activity Nov 5, 2016
  • Clowns Balloon Characters. Santa Ana Netro Arts. Orange County Neighborhood News. PHOENIX BRAILLE PROJECT Paul Wiley.
    100 members Last activity Oct 7, 2015
  • A Dutch balloon lovers website.
    56 members Last activity Jul 7, 2016
  • This Yahoo group is an extension of www.balloondesigns.net so that you can upload photos make comments and suggestions. And get help and ideas from other balloon artists. This list is moderated...
    77 members Last activity Jun 6, 2013
  • This is a club where people can get together to share information about using balloons and storytelling to spread the Gospel. This is the third time, I have started this club. Hopefully, this time it will not get lost in the shuffle...
    65 members Last activity Sep 21, 2015