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  • This List is for members to share information about all Airport's in the North of England & Including the Isle of Man Airports that are talked about or movements reports...
    525 members Last activity 10:28 PM
  • WRIGHT AIRLINES 50th ANNIVERSARY information sheet (original update) All WRIGHT AIR LINES peopleā€¦.Thanks to our former GM Mickey Pierce we WILL have a reunion this year in...
    47 members Last activity Jul 29
  • National Association of Independent Travel Agencies - Davao Chapter
    33 members Last activity Jul 27
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  • This is a listserve for Western Airlines Employees both active and retired. To make it easier to keep in touch with each other as we grow older. It has been set up to ease our communicating and...
    122 members Last activity Jul 16
  • Welcome to AeroAsians website - the internet hub of former employees of Eastern Airlines, British Caledonian Airways,Royal Viking Lines, Egypt Air, Dragon...
    45 members Last activity Jul 19
  • Enjoy flying your plane in, around, and thru Northern California.
    47 members Last activity Jul 8
  • PR Cabin Crewmembers: Past and Present
    25 members Last activity Feb 26
  • Here is the mailing list of Philippine Airlines Class '74 Flight Attendants and Flight Stewards
    22 members Last activity Feb 26
  • As a little child, I often flew from my homecity to the seaside. I can still remember the noise of a jet engines, and feeling of the excitement: "I am going to fly! I am going to fly..." At that time I...
    2673 members Last activity Jun 30, 2014
  • This site is for Cape Air pilots. The purpose is to promote communications within the pilot group.
    130 members Last activity Jan 22