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  • We are a WWII German reenactment group based in the New Orleans area. Our impression is the early war, offensive Schnellen Truppen (fast troops) that raced across Europe and...
    19 members Last activity Apr 3, 2014
  • A great place to learn about the hobby of launching potatoes and other small objects into high space. A really fun thing which involves barbeque igniters, PVC pipe, and hair spray. Join the club and become a part of the fun.
    734 members Last activity Feb 26, 2017
  • This club is to swap ideas, plans etc. About spudguns and any other ballistic devices. -Scott
    257 members Last activity Jun 16, 2014
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  • Backyard projectiles experts meet here to answer your questions, give tips and advice. If you have a potato gun or are interested in making one be sure to join us!
    200 members Last activity Aug 22, 2015
  • Welcome, You have just visited the "Potatoe Gunners of America" site.You can give and learn information about building,repairing,buying,or whatever of a potatoe gun. -Potatoe Gunner
    210 members Last activity Nov 16, 2016
  • Platforma wymiany doœwiadczeń i pomysłów na prace z harcerzami starszymi. Założona przez Wydział Starszoharcerski GK ZHP.
    46 members Last activity Apr 20, 2011
  • This club is for people who are not imature and would like to know more about the potatoe gun and the proper way to use it! It's also a place to go and talk about past experiences and all the fun times you have had with potatoe guns.
    144 members Last activity Aug 22, 2015
  • rahahane 87 dast dar daste ham dahim be zoor parchame rahahano bebarim bala
    40 members Last activity Dec 13, 2012
  • Ever wanted to play tag with your spud gun, but knew it would hurt someone if you did? So why don't you make something can can shoot something soft, but then be able to play tag, using tactics and stealth. It would be like paintball, but without being expensive...
    73 members Last activity Feb 27, 2016
  • RV1G IB 2002 MAiling List -------------------------
    21 members Last activity Dec 15, 2009