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  • Created to facilitate communication between members of the Amber Order guild on Everquest's Bertoxxulous server.
    31 members Last activity Apr 9, 2014
  • Members of a circle of everquest friends
    17 members Last activity Mar 26, 2014
  • All the other classes are getting their own list, so The Paladins on Everquest deserve one, A fourm were we can Sare info on Holy Swords, round table on evil things to kill and just have some fun
    130 members Last activity Aug 16
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  • Mailing List is for Everquest Online Roleplaying necromancers to gather and share ideas. And to find people to group with.
    225 members Last activity Aug 15
  • Discussion area for Pottery topics as they pertain to the skill in EverQuest
    250 members Last activity Aug 15
  • This is a list for people who want to share tips and tricks, general strategies, or who just want to talk about EverQuest(spoilers are welcome, but just put *SPOILER* in the topic line). Here you could organize a group with other...
    156 members Last activity Aug 15
  • This is a group for players of EverQuest with characters on the Bristlebane server to trade, party, and just swap stories. Please no profanity, immaturity or spam.
    137 members Last activity Aug 8
  • The purpose of this list is to distribute information about Monks to the players of EverQuest. Spoilers may be included so read at your own risk.
    372 members Last activity Aug 14
  • This is a list for the Guild of Divine WInd on the Innoruuk Server for Everquest..Here we guild members will discuss our plans and new ideas for waht to do in the wonderful game of...
    128 members Last activity Aug 14
  • We are looking to join all the classes and races in Norrath together, and bring an end to the hatred that has spread across our world. All are welcome.
    152 members Last activity Aug 15