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  • There are only “two sides” if you fight for the democracy, which are “democratic side” and “dictatorial side” but there is “no neutral side”. *Therefore this forum is against “the dictatorial side” and stands up for “the democratic side”; *then, “not...
    2319 members Last activity 9:54 AM
  • Most members are former students of St. Paul's High School, Rangoon, once served by the Rev. Brothers of De La Salle (DLS) Mission. The...
    116 members Last activity 6:37 AM
  • Atlanta Chin Baptist Church member pawl email thawn contact aw thei ding in le Bible thu pawl relkhawm tlang thei nak ding tin tumtahnak thawn himi group hi tuah a si.
    54 members Last activity Jul 23
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  • The member physicians group of the United States Burma Medical Association of Northern California
    67 members Last activity Jul 28
  • This is the site to do experiments and tests. Just Click the Join button and leave a short message. I'll get back to you a.s.a.p. Anyone may Join - All are Welcome custom t shirts...
    19 members Last activity May 11
  • Wat3rm3L0ns,What hapeniN'?ChIlL 0uT N LaY BaK Mah BuDdY !PeAcE!
    285 members Last activity Jul 30
  • Welcome to LL Kool Friendz,.! LL Kool Friendz is a PlaCe where all my Kool Friendz hang out and talk about everything and anything, you guys wish.. Glad to have you all here.. ~peAce...
    141 members Last activity 12:24 PM
  • Yo!! wat up ppl?? so u wanna b a thugs huh?? tis place fo all the kool ppl from burma. i dont care if ur chinese, burmese, mixed or watever. It b cool as long as y'll get along wit each other. u can talk abt watever u want in tis club but use ur brain. dont post no freakin stupid message in da club...
    149 members Last activity 12:44 PM
  • Hi.. all Mingala Par welcome to Burmese Yin Kyae Hmu Group..
    177 members Last activity 12:15 AM
  • State High School No. (1) Dagon, Yangon, Myanmar (Ah Kone Chit Te' Dagon Titt)
    112 members Last activity 12:39 PM