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  • There are only “two sides” if you fight for the democracy, which are “democratic side” and “dictatorial side” but there is “no neutral side”. *Therefore this forum is against “the dictatorial side” and stands up for “the democratic side”; *then, “not...
    2318 members Last activity 1:46 AM
  • Most members are former students of St. Paul's High School, Rangoon, once served by the Rev. Brothers of De La Salle (DLS) Mission. The...
    116 members Last activity 11:24 AM
  • The member physicians group of the United States Burma Medical Association of Northern California
    71 members Last activity Nov 27
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  • Atlanta Chin Baptist Church member pawl email thawn contact aw thei ding in le Bible thu pawl relkhawm tlang thei nak ding tin tumtahnak thawn himi group hi tuah a si.
    54 members Last activity Nov 5
  • This is the site to do experiments and tests. Just Click the Join button and leave a short message. I'll get back to you a.s.a.p. Anyone may Join - All are Welcome custom t shirts...
    19 members Last activity May 11
  • Wat3rm3L0ns,What hapeniN'?ChIlL 0uT N LaY BaK Mah BuDdY !PeAcE!
    287 members Last activity Nov 19
  • Welcome to LL Kool Friendz,.! LL Kool Friendz is a PlaCe where all my Kool Friendz hang out and talk about everything and anything, you guys wish.. Glad to have you all here.. ~peAce...
    142 members Last activity Sep 21
  • Yo!! wat up ppl?? so u wanna b a thugs huh?? tis place fo all the kool ppl from burma. i dont care if ur chinese, burmese, mixed or watever. It b cool as long as y'll get along wit each other. u can talk abt watever u want in tis club but use ur brain. dont post no freakin stupid message in da club...
    149 members Last activity Sep 21
  • State High School No. (1) Dagon, Yangon, Myanmar (Ah Kone Chit Te' Dagon Titt)
    113 members Last activity Nov 10
  • Here is place to chat friendly for fun and any others. And also for happy memories. Try to organize our Burmese students who are graduated already,graduating and still studying.
    114 members Last activity Aug 22