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  • Information for Mongolian Community in Colorado
    2320 members Last activity Feb 27
  • Welcome to Mongolian eCommunity in Australia : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mglaus MGLAUS web: http://www.mglaus.com Web Portal: http://www.gegeen.mn FB: https://www.facebook.com...
    1194 members Last activity 11:33 AM
  • For Mongolian People who live in USA. Amerikt bui Mongolchuudin Orloo.com-iin E-mail groupt Tavtai moril!!! Orloo.com-iin Shine Medee medeeleliig tand hurgeh bolno...
    1790 members Last activity Jun 11, 2014
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  • WELL COME TO ‘KANGFORUM’ GROUPS Cawh ei 21st Century ah Technology ei bi bi nak awn Leidak fan a van sih Global Village (Khaw ät) müih la mi om-ip, thu-gong...
    93 members Last activity Feb 27
  • Enjoy Mongolian Community
    91 members Last activity Feb 8
  • MGL-UK Members eGroup-This is a community for Mongolians in UK to provide more chances to exchange information and help each other. It is also oriented to Mongolians who have moved to the...
    290 members Last activity Dec 2, 2013
  • "AmerikMongolchuud" - Amerkiin Mongolchuudiin E-mail Hariltsaa American Mongols communication. American-Mongolian relationship Mongolian Community is USA...
    265 members Last activity Dec 20, 2014
  • Welcome to SF_BAMongolians new Yahoogroup. I created this group to help and get connected with the Mongolian people who live in Bay Area. This group will be completely free and easy to connect with each other...
    31 members Last activity Jan 7
  • Mongolian scholar and professional Shirchin Baatar is been dedicated his full energy and a sphere time to keep together the Mongolians in San Francisco Bay Area.
    2664 members Last activity Feb 28
  • This forum is for all Mongolians around the New York city and to be a community to provide more chances to help each other,make friends,exchange information, and have funs. And also to discuss ideas & works.
    419 members Last activity Feb 28