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  • Using Henle materials for your study of Latin? Share your experiences and join us for information and support!
    1078 members Last activity Apr 13
  • WELCOME TO BAY AREA LATINA FRIENDS GROUP At BALFG1 you will find a place where mature professional Latina's unite & increase their circle of friends & social activity. You will meet a group of great, fun...
    27 members Last activity Dec 6, 2014
  • This is a place for teenagers who are studying Latin. Adults who know/study Latin are also welcome.
    424 members Last activity 6:42 PM
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  • This group is for all those interested in the classics, Latin, Greek, and ancient history. Come here to discuss archaeological digs, interesting grammatical devices, Roman culture, or anything else that is...
    153 members Last activity 6:29 PM
  • Salve amicae et amici! Si in Latina voles dicere, ad rectum locum venisti! Dic de quolibet voles, hic sumus ut Latinitas vocem audiemus. Fortassae plus latinam discemus.
    178 members Last activity 7:05 PM
  • Group for study of the Latin language. Groupe pour l'étude de la langue latine.
    89 members Last activity 7:06 PM
  • This group supports the use of Scott and Horn's Latin Book One for the study of Latin. You will need to "Join This Group" to have access. You can go to the Files section (on the left) to see...
    346 members Last activity May 11
  • Salvete! Hello and welcome to LATIN_101! Learn this classical language from beginners to advanced, all levels welcome, all ages welcome! Main focus is on Classical Latin; Discussion of...
    507 members Last activity May 24, 2014
  • Esta lista de correo sirve de complemento a la página de latín y cultura clásica, Latiniando. Es un lugar de encuentro para la reflexión y el debate, para resolver dudas o compartir opiniones sobre todo lo relacionado con el...
    288 members Last activity Dec 20, 2014
  • Lingua Latina loquenda est!
    164 members Last activity May 11, 2014