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  • Seattle-BG is the mail list for the www.seattle-bg.com site
    893 members Last activity Nov 27
  • Dobre doshli na nashia skromen sait :-)!!! Добре Дошли на нашия скромен сайт :-)!!!
    98 members Last activity Nov 21
  • A group of former philosophy students at the Sofia University, Bulgaria. Very private, hardly of interest to anybody else.
    32 members Last activity Nov 12
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  • Atlanta Bulgarians Group e forum za obmiana na polezna informatzia (obyavi, suobshtenia, preduprezhdenia, zapitvaniya) svurzana s Bulgarite zhiveeshti v Atlanta i v shtata Georgia. S drugi dumi - ako niakoe suobshtenie ne e polezno - ne mu e tuka miastoto. Za obidi...
    814 members Last activity Nov 24
  • This is the first Yahoo group for the Bulgarians who live in Sydney, Australia.
    442 members Last activity Nov 9
  • Main BG Club is an organization for Bulgarians, who live in Germany. It is based in Frankfurt/Main and its meetings are held there. Should you wish to join the...
    220 members Last activity Oct 28
  • First Official Online GROUP/CLUB Of BULGARIANS living In the Great State of TEXAS! BULTEX HAS BECOME A MEMBERS-ONLY GROUP...
    232 members Last activity Sep 11, 2014
  • Welcome to the Forum of parents and teachers of the Bulgarian Sunday School in Greater Boston Area!
    139 members Last activity Oct 2
  • This is a group for the Bulgarians who live in Minnesota, USA
    96 members Last activity May 17
  • Group for the Bulgarians in Colorado, US
    101 members Last activity Nov 6