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  • Lista de Discussão dos Filhos de Haquim [Lista em ON, dos Assamitas Brasil/Owbn] E quando a necessidade por justiça, uma vez mais, se tornar tão grande que nós...
    46 members Last activity Mar 18
  • The Delaware Valley Computer Users Group (D.V.C.U.G.) serves Information Technology professionals who utilize IBM Midrange and...
    88 members Last activity Nov 12, 2014
  • RPG Programming Books Welcome to a very newley established group. Our aim is to get qualified members that are realy enthuastic to learn programming from books and share their learnings...
    11 members Last activity Mar 18, 2014
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  • This group is for professionals in the AS400 from 2-10 years of experience with project specialisation in RPG, Synon, Lansa, Cobol/400 and looking for stability jobwise and can forward their...
    366 members Last activity 7:26 PM
  • Welcome to the RPG400 support board. Let's help each other in our RPG development and support.
    383 members Last activity 8:29 PM
  • Group untuk sharing RPG, RPGLE, CL Programming teknik, dan lain-lain
    70 members Last activity 7:43 PM
  • As-400,RPG-400,RPG-ILEIV,SQL-400,CL-400,COBOL-400,DB2-400
    104 members Last activity 9:03 PM
  • We're a band of Mercernaries who are hired out for different jobs.
    65 members Last activity 9:33 PM
  • The Earth as we now know it no longer exists. Thirty years ago, from this day a meteor struck the planet with devistating force causing a wake of destruction towards anything that was in it's path. Those who survived the meteor...
    56 members Last activity 4:22 PM
  • Welcome to [RPGIV - eZ400] Solutions This is the Message Board for AS/400 and RPGIV Questions & Answers - Tips & Techniques community. http://www.as400resources.com...
    3129 members Last activity May 12, 2014