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  • Sankara Eye Foundation.Non profit organization to eradicate curable blindness in rural India. Vision 20/20 by year 2020. www.giftofvision.org
    12 members Last activity May 21
  • Welcome! We have two surgeons online for ?'s. Thanks to those contributing personal experiences! Visit http://www.lasik.md for more info about LASIK
    209 members Last activity Jul 1
  • This group is for Everyone Looking for others with Duane Syndrome. Duane Syndrome (DS) Pseudotumor cerebri in a patient with Goldenhar's and Duane's syndromes...
    202 members Last activity Jun 30
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  • If lasik surgery didn't work out the way you'd hoped it would, this club is for you. Let's warn others before they make the same mistake!
    151 members Last activity Jun 23
  • For people to share information, knowledge and experiences of excimer laser eye correction surgery by PRK or LASIK.
    125 members Last activity Jun 24
  • The purpose of this board/club is to provide a forum for individuals to discuss their experience of eye sugery(detached retina) and to pass along any helpful info .
    198 members Last activity May 24
  • Keratoconus is a corneal abnormality characterised by progressive thinning and conical shape of the cornea, ie the clear front part of the eye. This results in visual impairment which often cannot be corrected with glasses. This...
    202 members Last activity Mar 26, 2014
  • Ophthalmology : Eye Care and maintaince by Doctors : Ophthalmologist's Society of the West Indies
    169 members Last activity Nov 16, 2013
  • As an INTACS supporter and patient of the technology (April 15 1999)I will continue to offer a venue for all those to share and learn from one another. Many patients, doctors and fellow members are apart of this group from all over the world and have...
    205 members Last activity Aug 28, 2013
  • A group for people living with a frustrating and dibilitating eye disease. Come here for help, support, and to ask and answer questions. After all, we can learn from others experiences as well as our own!
    51 members Last activity Aug 13, 2013