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  • American Knife Collectors Club for Family Oriented Collecting We are the American Knife Collectors Club. A Club and Website designed and...
    119 members Last activity 8:06 AM
  • Welcome fellow knife lovers to the ORIGINAL INTERNATIONAL KNIFE COLLECTORS CLUB! Since 2003, the International Knife Collectors Club has welcomed knife...
    46 members Last activity 9:33 AM
  • This Group is for people who Collect Buck Knives. Feel free to talk about your Buck Knives or ask Questions about them. Post the Buck Knives for Trade...
    51 members Last activity Sep 21
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  • This group is for hobbyist & pro makers of fine & collector knives of all types, featuring discussion that is open, informative and friendly. Knife-specific sales notices from individuals are acceptable. The...
    166 members Last activity Aug 15, 2014
  • The group is a small but close-knit assemblage of Filipinos whose passion is to study antique and vintage Philippine weapons and other ethnic crafts.
    4 members Last activity Feb 7
  • This is a forum for all all custom knife lovers to discuss their favorite knives. Give it a try and leave a message. Also stop by the chat room and see if anyone is around. This forum is sponsored by KnifeArt.com...
    440 members Last activity Nov 22
  • A place for collectors, makers, and other people to talk about switchblades, and anything switch related.
    158 members Last activity Sep 21
  • I love katanas. I'm trying to get katanas to start a collection. Anybody who doesn't want a katana that they have, mail it to me!
    189 members Last activity Aug 21
  • Welcome fellow medieval timers. Feel free to discuss anything you want to as long as it has anything to do with the medieval theme...preferably about weaponry ;-) Have fun.
    151 members Last activity Aug 23
  • This Club was formed so all people who Love, Own, or just like Hubertus Switchblade Knives can contact others who share there love of them. I hope we can grow and develop into a great club. I hope we can all...
    122 members Last activity Aug 20