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  • Welcome to the UK Pinball Group. This is a forum for members to discuss the playing, ownership and enjoyment of pinball in the United Kingdom in a friendly atmosphere. We buy and sell games and parts, help...
    2319 members Last activity 6:20 AM
  • An organization for gathering pinball enthusiasts of all ages from the greater Boston area, for tournament play and socializing. IMPORTANT: Membership is restricted. To join the BPA...
    515 members Last activity 6:39 PM
  • "Orange Special" - an international mailing-list about Zaccaria games.
    251 members Last activity 5:52 PM
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  • A gathering of pinfreaks in the south bay.
    18 members Last activity 11:47 AM
  • This group is for those of us who collect, restore, or just enjoy pinball machines made before 1946, including 'payout pinballs', early 'trade stimulator' mechanical models, and WWII vintage 'wartime conversion' pinball machines...
    289 members Last activity Apr 12
  • The Portland Pinball League is a pinball league promoting social and competitive pinball play in Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding areas.
    142 members Last activity Apr 9
  • Flipper in ogni forma, veri o emulati, elettronici o elettromeccanici!
    172 members Last activity Apr 6
  • This is a group for Pinball and Arcade games in the Western NY area. I hope to have alot of fellow collectors in the area to help each other out. To meet and play games in each others houses.Go to...
    101 members Last activity Mar 7
  • The people in this group are from Sabcollege
    36 members Last activity Jan 17, 2013
  • FUNKYZ!!! haha!!!
    16 members Last activity Jul 24, 2011