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  • Okay, so there's not really much of a science to Euchre, but there are some differences of opinion about strategy, rules and etiquette. EuchreScience is a place where Euchre fanatics can discuss whatever they would like. Do try to keep...
    542 members Last activity 5:10 PM
  • The Euchre Exchange is a support site for online Euchre players. It includes ICQ contact list, chat, messege boards, pics of players, info on local gathering, and tips on play.
    549 members Last activity Nov 20
  • Welcome the the Canadian Euchre Players Club eh? Don't know what we're gonna do with this yet but we'll try and have some fun. Suggestions welcome. Criticism not. So leave your loonie at the bar and let's play.
    375 members Last activity Nov 20
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  • I started this club to play with mature people. When playing in regular games, you never know how old your partners are.
    327 members Last activity Nov 26
  • We are a group of FRIENDS that enjoy playing EUCHRE for small amounts of money.Sportsmanship and good ethics are important and expected. All games are unrated and friendly...
    84 members Last activity Sep 21
  • A Place for myleague Head Admin, Admin, Head TD's and TD's to post problems with other leagues. We are not part of Myleague Staff. This is a a place where we will share...
    95 members Last activity Sep 21
  • Hello, This group is the home of Euchre_Palace, Where queens, kings, princes and princesses are treated like royality..Euchre_Palace_Rocks group consist of a group of euchre...
    564 members Last activity Apr 19, 2014
  • We play partner Euchre every Wed. at Average Joe's Pub & Grill 1126 W Henderson Rd, Columbus, OH 43220 Starts at 7:30PM EST, sign ups at 7PM. We will...
    707 members Last activity Oct 20
  • Euchre Players
    89 members Last activity Aug 21
  • We are a group of euchre enthusiasts who get together about every 3 weeks to play games and tournaments! We are located in Indianapolis, Indiana.
    68 members Last activity Sep 21