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  • This is a club for actor, writer, & producer Gabriel Byrne. You may know him from movies such as Stigmata, The End of Days, The Usual Suspects and The Man in the...
    533 members Last activity Aug 5, 2014
  • Hi! This is a great place for anyone crazy about the actor, writer, producer, director, etc., Gabriel Byrne to hang out, talk, and make friends.
    381 members Last activity Nov 20, 2016
  • This is a fan club for the actor Gabriel Byrne. Join the discussion and post your favorite pictures!
    204 members Last activity Nov 15, 2016
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  • Hey I'm Jinn and I love certin actors and hope to be an actress myself some day and you have reached my gabriel fan page feel free to join and count your self as a true fan.
    97 members Last activity Jul 15, 2016
  • This club is dedicated to the wonderful, enigmatic actor, Gabriel Byrne. Please feel free to join and post comments and or messages. This week's topic is: Stigmata Thanks, Amy :)
    62 members Last activity Jul 15, 2016
  • A place for fellow worshippers of the talented and gorgeous Irish actor/writer/producer, Gabriel Byrne.
    44 members Last activity Jul 9, 2016
  • This club is for anyone anyage who loves Gabe.He's an actor,who over many years has gained fans from all over the globe...who could not love him?...from the irish accent to the great looks,not to mention those eyes....even though he's...
    27 members Last activity Dec 16, 2009
  • This groups is mainly about Gabriel Byrne. However, many other things will be discussed here. Movies, other inspiring actors,Silent Hill, comedy, horror, goth culture...
    6 members Last activity Jan 28, 2013
  • qfghs
    4 members Last activity Jan 5, 2009
  • cnchdcdcxzcsdfd
    3 members Last activity Jan 5, 2009