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  • This mailing list is for the discussion of the fantasy world of Tekumel by M.A.R. Barker. Anything Tekumel-related can be discussed, including rules and other topics...
    766 members Last activity Nov 23
  • Welcome to the Yahoo/eGroup for Gene D.'s " Vanished Lands " homebrew fantasy campaign and related games! Feel free to explore this Web club and to contribute to our discussions about role...
    134 members Last activity Nov 24
  • This group caters to several games in the Houston area and is a place to store game files and tools as well as keep in touch and plan strategies or to see what is going on with the other players between games. We...
    55 members Last activity Nov 20
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  • In character chat and adventuring in the Land of the Three Seas
    49 members Last activity 5:05 AM
  • The Sword Coast should be a happy place. The climate is mild, the sea and waterways provide routs of commerce travel and the exchange of ideas from far-off lands. Even the town you are approaching should be idyllic...
    54 members Last activity 11:28 AM
  • This is the Yahoo email group for the Todd/David/Brian/Jason/Jean/Michael SW RPG
    20 members Last activity Nov 28
  • Mailing List ufficiale dell'Anonima Fantacalcio
    20 members Last activity 4:55 AM
  • A Rise of the Runelords pbem. Burnt Offerings The party is in the little town of Sandpoint for the autumn Swallowtail Festival. What could go wrong?
    16 members Last activity 9:46 PM
  • The Monday Night D&D game in Davis run by Rian.
    16 members Last activity 6:38 AM
  • List for my campaign run in Australia every fortnight. Only used to send out campaign info (background, xp etc). Low traffic list.
    14 members Last activity 2:31 AM