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  • A forum for the instructors, parents and students affiliated with the Novi High School Colorguard program to communicate.
    166 members Last activity Jul 2
  • Welcome! This group is here to keep track of USC Silks/Flag girls past, and to inform everyone of upcoming performances. Our Reunion is Fall 2014, with woodwinds and both TUSK...
    99 members Last activity Jun 23
  • The QO Color Guard is a group of students who practice and perform color guard routines for the QO Marching Band and the QO Winter Guard.
    52 members Last activity Apr 9, 2014
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  • Branham High School Percussion 2013-2014. For use by teachers, students and families of percussion groups for the 2013-2014 school year.
    25 members Last activity Dec 7, 2013
  • Welcome to Colorguard Corner! This is a great place to discuss colorguard, marching band, and all the stuff in between. Have a good time and enjoy the club! Chats will be held every Thursday night at 9pm est. *Have a great...
    2143 members Last activity Jun 24
  • Hello all you gaurd members! So, what do you do? Flag? Shield? Rifle? C'mon, share with us! It's that special time of the year, when we get together with the bandies and create my favorite, a FIELD SHOW!!!
    337 members Last activity Jun 24
  • Hello Everyone! Welcome to the club where Colorguard and Band freaks are welcome! This club is designed to let anyone chat about any little (or big) thing that bothers them about their band or guard...
    246 members Last activity Jun 24
  • Houston High School Germantown TN Color Guard Marching and Winterguard
    50 members Last activity Jun 28
  • Hey all, This club is all about color guard from marching band, winter guard or anything else.
    148 members Last activity Jun 24
  • Hello everyone!! This is a club about colorguard and winterguard where you can talk about your experiences, what really bothers you, spinning, and what your show is about! Feel free to leave suggestions!
    136 members Last activity Jun 23