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  • Lawrence School, Lovedale - Class of 1960
    20 members Last activity 6:18 AM
  • Welcome 2 My Club. It's About me,my friends(u). Meeting new Friends All Over The Globe. Anyone Can Join Anytime. This is an...
    218 members Last activity 3:27 AM
    23 members Last activity Mar 30
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  • Named: "ADVENA ADVENTOR" (Foreigners & Friends), Two "gatherings" a month at the southern city of Ilo-ilo (every first and third Wednesday of the month). The gatherings take place at...
    236 members Last activity Mar 29
  • Well our group in one of the WAHIYAAT n INNOVATIVE group among all GMCS groups evr. All the members r wacky..creative..fun loving...it may b bansal sahib or hum do hara ek guy deepak or talkitive archita shubhra or surabhi whoz gr8 in the game...
    100 members Last activity 12:08 AM
  • Sparrows - We are the Champions!
    53 members Last activity Feb 20
  • This is a group for anybody who has worked for McDonald's 001. Morayta Branch was the 1st McDonald's store in the Philippines, hence the term 001. The objectives of this egroup are: * to...
    26 members Last activity Mar 22
  • Grupa Vojno Tehnički Fakultet (re-united) je zamišljena kao mesto okupljanja bivših studenata ovog fakulteta, mesto na WEB-u gde æemo razmenjivati informacije, biti u kontaktu, mesto preko koga æemo se povezati ma na kom meridijanu se nalazili...
    397 members Last activity Jan 11
  • This is an EXCLUSIVE club. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Jupiter's Place ... IO ... Familty KTV ... ETPI Io was a maiden who was loved...
    19 members Last activity Dec 30, 2014
  • Anushaktinagar :- Kedarnath Youths
    45 members Last activity Mar 29