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  • Back in The Dark Ages, before the Dawning of Time........the girls of '67 frolicked and played and stepped out onto a wonderous journey.......each setting foot on her pathway ahead.
    14 members Last activity Oct 13
  • All males High school Chu Van An Class of 1967
    25 members Last activity Oct 10
  • This Yahoo! Group has been created as a meeting place for PVHS'67 classmates. And what is a PVHS'67 classmate? Well, er, just about anyone who wants to be one! That...
    184 members Last activity Oct 6
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  • An open forum to allow communication among members of the John Muir High School, Pasadena, CA, Class of 1967.
    63 members Last activity Sep 12
  • This yahoo group consists of the graduates from batch 1967 of the Luis Palad High School in Tayabas, Quezon Philippines.
    25 members Last activity Sep 1
  • HOPE YOU'LL JOIN US! HOW TO JOIN THIS GROUP: Click "JOIN THIS GROUP"... Follow the directions... Then when you are prompted for...
    57 members Last activity Oct 15
  • The purpose of this group is to help foster and maintain a connection among the members of the 1967 graduating class of Pittsfield High School (Pittsfield, Massachusetts) This group is open to the PHS...
    62 members Last activity Sep 13
  • This group is for PUC Academy Class of 1967. It is open to all members of the class (even if they left before graduation) and their families. Please feel free to post messages, pictures...
    17 members Last activity Oct 12
  • Welcome Woodrow Wilson Class of '67! Please use this Yahoogroup to help us all stay in touch and update contact information.
    51 members Last activity Dec 13, 2014
  • Whatever happened to the Oshkosh West High School class of 67? Hard to believe that our 40th reunion is RIGHT around the corner...let's start planning! This Yahoo Group...
    82 members Last activity Jul 11