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  • Why does Erik look so shocked? Because he found out over FOUR HUNDRED club members want to see him shirtless (and they will)! Welcome to Erik von Detten: Shirtless. The only...
    2143 members Last activity Feb 9
  • Welcome to Eriks online club! I am glad you came to visit this club and I hope you will join! Check out the picture gallery to see lots of pictures of Erik! Including shirtless, tight tank tops, and even more...
    316 members Last activity Feb 10
  • Hello and welcome to my club. I think Erik von Detten is the best actor in the world! He's amazing, talented, and way cute! I'll try my best as founder to make it this club nice for everyone who joins. Feel free to...
    637 members Last activity Feb 11
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  • *~*E*~R~*I*~K~*V*~O~*N*~D~*E*~T~*T*~E~*N*~* Hey Hey, thanx to all the members for joining my new Erik club and to all the visitors you should really give...
    572 members Last activity Feb 6
  • Oh! This galaxy is under a curse! Could this get worse! They named the thing Jupiter, Can't find a name stupider? We all know it should be named Kev Zegers!!
    296 members Last activity Feb 10
  • We should hopefully be getting some more DINOTOPIA info very soon! **************************************************** If you want some more Erik read the book The Princess Diaries. It's really good! You can buy it online at www.amazon.com...
    383 members Last activity Feb 11
  • This list is all about Erik von Detten, the hot actor who stared in movies such as:Brink, Escape to witch mountain, and more! Join Erik-von-Detten, and support this wonderful actor!
    616 members Last activity Feb 6
  • my club is where u can chat about erik von detton. if u do not know who he than watch escape to witch mountain,brink,and leave it beaver.eric von detton is so cute.
    154 members Last activity Feb 7
  • Hey people this club is all bout Erik Von Detten cause he is sooo HOT and is a great actor.
    184 members Last activity Feb 3
  • Hey welcome to erik fans online, or EFO. Your here because your an erik von detten fan. If you've been to my website, erik online (http://evdo.cjb.net) your probably caught up on your current erik info. If you haven't benn there check it out...
    141 members Last activity Feb 11