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  • Anything Engine powered Bicycle. Come on in, have fun. The china engines are inexpensive fun, Happy Time Engines. Whizzer is the word, they are the best. Post...
    55 members Last activity Aug 21, 2015
  • Welcome to the Super Cub 50 group on Yahoo. This site is specifically geared for the late 1950's to late 60's Honda C50 Super Cub. Share your stories, adventures, post help...
    234 members Last activity Dec 15, 2015
  • A group about Cyclemotors, Autocycles and Mopeds ... and other under-powered stuff
    123 members Last activity 4:50 AM
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  • Mission 23 is the New York City branch of the Moped Army
    4 members Last activity Dec 14, 2015
  • This group is for anyone who owns a puch moped or wants to buy one . Please share ideas thought's and any other interest you might have .
    338 members Last activity Feb 10
  • Group ini merangkap bulletin bagi kumpulan bermotor jerung seluruh malaysia. bagi membolehkan pertukaran pendapat dan berkongsi idea.. nak tengok gambar2 kami berkonvoi ke seluruh semenanjung malaysia..
    349 members Last activity Feb 7
  • We have been playing with, repairing, selling and modifying Velosolex for 32 years! Our most recent efforts were a Velosolex truck, a Velosolex tandem bike and a Velosolex recumbent...
    361 members Last activity Feb 10
  • This is a forum to display, and discuss Motobecane mopeds (not bicycles). Topics include repair, renovation, and sales.
    284 members Last activity Feb 6
  • Threeter,The Japanese are so far ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to fuel economy vehicles. This group is all about the Honda 3 wheel moped series. Parts, service, buying, selling...
    127 members Last activity Feb 10
  • This a group dedicated to Yamaha Aerox 50's and 100's. This is where you can come and chat about your Aerox scooter. Give help to others who wish to buy one. You could just want to be tuning them up, and...
    122 members Last activity Feb 8