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  • The Tri State Saab Club, for Saab owners in Cincinnati, Dayton, Lexington, Louisville, Indianapolis and all over!
    298 members Last activity Nov 17
  • For all enthusiasts and owners of SAAB cars. Based in the UK but open to everyone. Please feel free to discuss all things that YOU feel are relevant to SAAB cars and their owners...
    536 members Last activity Jun 1
  • Nederlandse Saab mailinglist voor Saab enthousiasten. Voor informatie over lid worden: zie ook onze homepage: http://www.saabnl.nl
    466 members Last activity Oct 1
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  • An English-speaking group for Saab 92 enthusiasts. If you are one please join!
    4 members Last activity Mar 30
  • Do you drive a Saab or do you want to? Do your friends and family think you are crazy for driving such a different car? Does no one understand your Saab feelings? If so, then you will fit in just fine here. This...
    345 members Last activity Nov 19
  • Here you can post pics of your high mileage Saab. Make sure to list the model, year and most of all, the mileage! E-mail me any questions.
    134 members Last activity Nov 27
  • Saab Classic 900 mailing list. Tech-info, parts info, general help & everything that come with it
    602 members Last activity Sep 21
  • Hey All you SAAB afficianados out there. This is a club to discuss one of the best makes out there: SAAB.. There cars are innovative, well engineered, and unique. And let's face, they'll kick...
    266 members Last activity Nov 20
  • This list is basically a way for people who have a love for Saabs to discuss their cars, their Saab experiences and hopefully help each other find ways to enhance their Saab experiences. I for one own a...
    128 members Last activity Aug 22
  • ALL Saab 93 owners and enthusiasts should JOIN THIS CLUB!! If you own a Saab 93 and Love or Hate it, have maintenece Questions, or want to talk to any of our experienced...
    51 members Last activity Aug 22