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  • An On-Line discussion Forum of all things related to the Deserter Dune Buggy from Marlboro, MA (1967-1973) Deserters at Carlisle - May 18th-20th, 2012 L...
    292 members Last activity 2:31 PM
  • Inland Empire Offroad Association, Southern California's finest club for enthusiasts of sand dunes and toys. We ride, we play, we ride, we eat, we ride. . .well. . .you get the idea. Bring...
    42 members Last activity Feb 28
  • Welcome to DesertKartsU, "The Institute". We discuss anything having to do with mini-buggies and especially the DesertKart Panther. We talk about fabrication techniques, engines, where to find...
    230 members Last activity Feb 23, 2014
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  • Live to dune, live to keep our dunes clean and open! PRISTINE DUNES...Is that too much to ask? Here's RJ doing the "Double" at Glamis... We told him to jump it the regular way, but he insisted...
    443 members Last activity 6:33 AM
  • Forum for all do-it-yourself off road vehicle builders. If you have a project that's started or plan on starting one this is the place to get together with others for help and support!
    443 members Last activity 7:34 AM
  • This club is for enthusiasts to post pics and share information about the Ruppster and anything Rupp. Some posts on company history would be interesting if anyone has any facts.
    350 members Last activity 2:48 PM
  • Cape Town's best Beach Buggy club.
    101 members Last activity 8:16 AM
  • Hello.This group is for anyone that is currently building or has built a Rorty R6 or similar buggy.If you have a different buggy and want to join a group please check out: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group...
    190 members Last activity 8:44 AM
  • This group is here to let the people who frequent Wellsville Ohio trails stay in touch, share stories, picures and swap parts... and to share with the rest of the world the simple fact that there is no better/tougher place to climb...
    187 members Last activity 6:18 AM
  • Welcome to The Church of the Shifting Sands. Pull up a lawn chair and warm your body by the fire. The idea here is to have a bit of fun and to talk about Glamis or Dunes in general.
    140 members Last activity Mar 3