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  • Hello, Il you are here, it is certainly because you are interressed in collecting phonecards. If your list is on internet don't forget to indicate it on the links.
    499 members Last activity 8:49 AM
  • Use this club to meet others interested in this hobby, swap, buy and sell phonecards.
    399 members Last activity 5:03 AM
  • CARDS FOR SWAP : See in Photo Album. Asian phonecard collectors are welcomed to join in. Also worldwide collectors are invited to come in and participate in swapping...
    198 members Last activity 7:24 AM
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  • Phonecard Collectors from all over the world - Join and Swap/Trade with collectors all over the world.
    194 members Last activity 9:02 AM
  • this club is founded so that all phonecards collectors can exchange thier collections,and i founded it mainly for those who would like to have egyptian phonecards.
    123 members Last activity 7:39 AM
  • Hi..Friends..I`m from Indonesia...let`s join with my Phonecards club. In this club we are change Phonecards ; Coins ; Bank Notes OK. Thank`s very much.................
    137 members Last activity Mar 1
  • welcome to our club! You are looking for good friends to swap with or to sell any phonecards? Just writ it here and many collectors will know it. Your wish will be realized by using this group. Join us and you...
    103 members Last activity 8:47 AM
  • The name for collecting phonecards is "telately&"; and the person who collects and studies phonecards is called a "telatelist";, This comes from the Greek which meens cards used...
    83 members Last activity Mar 1
  • Buy Sell Exchange your Phonecards with collectors worldwide. This site is built by Ali Philatelic Traders, GPO Box 2459, Lahore, Pakistan...
    83 members Last activity Feb 27
  • Internetowy Klub Fonokartystow.
    163 members Last activity May 15, 2013