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  • Laugh along with Al Lowe, computer software's best-selling humorist and the creator of Leisure Suit Larry. Every weekday morning you'll receive an email with two jokes, at least one of which is clean. Guaranteed to make...
    7646 members Last activity 12:22 AM
  • Please come on in and laugh a spell! The only thing you need is a good sense of humor! Bring a joke or two with you! Great way to start the day, with a big dose of laughter! All new members are moderated in order to assure there is no spam in the group...
    129 members Last activity May 28
  • People will submit their daily phaltu jokes to this group and it will be sent all over the countryside!!!!
    35 members Last activity 6:06 AM
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  • Please join for all sorts of humour. Lots of jokes, funny observations and puns and also the odd picture, cartoon or film. Members are encouraged to share too. Join us to have a laugh!
    115 members Last activity Apr 28
  • Welcome to Pine Needles, Canada's funniest and most unique humour group. We feature Canadian jokes, politically needling jokes, cultural jokes, linguistic jokes, family jokes and respectful...
    32 members Last activity May 27
  • History of Hindi Jokes group ... Hindi jokes this was what i like more in my child hood. I hear hindi story AND JOKES in HINDI from my grand mother. I also purchased many books on...
    137360 members Last activity May 11
  • Heighten your senses with Funny S-x du Jour!
    21582 members Last activity Jul 8, 2015
  • Jewish Joke du Jour is offering humor about a Jewish way of life, Jewish mothers, and funny anecdotes from Jewish folklore One doesn't have to be Jewish to join. Of course, it's totally FREE...
    5245 members Last activity Oct 8, 2014
  • Looking for a carefully filtered (funny jokes only) joke list? Subscribe to Al the Barber's jokelist, and let Al forward his hand-picked jokes, trivia, and puzzles to you. Al is highly selective, and when he...
    119 members Last activity Apr 28
  • This is designed so that all members may share jokes.
    44 members Last activity May 25