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  • This list is for discussing Compaq computers. Questions , answers and general information will be discussed.
    337 members Last activity Jul 15, 2016
  • The group is created to promote verilog and its reseach. The group share the pool of information among different users. U can share, ask or make research on verilog based titles.
    232 members Last activity Jun 16, 2013
  • This group is now largely inactive, and being kept online basically as a reference source for info on modifying the late 90's "Pentium-class" generation of computers that used AMD or Cyrix socket 7 processors. To avoid...
    130 members Last activity Feb 9, 2013
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  • I own a Compaq 1200 XL-118. This is a club for owners of all Compaq laptops. Here, people who are thinking about buying laptops can come for help, and current owners can help them out.
    115 members Last activity Jul 9, 2016
  • A Place to get Help for your Compaq Personal Computer and its operating systems. Please post in English only. When asking for help include the following information with...
    44 members Last activity Jan 28, 2013
  • discussion on compaq ase examination
    69 members Last activity Jul 15, 2016
  • This group is to discuss issues about Compaq and HP computers and identified issues.
    18 members Last activity Jun 18, 2011
  • Product testers needed! Sign up here! Want to have fun and get a brand new, state-of-the-art Desktop Computer for free? Simply click on the link below to find out how! We’re looking for people to test new products...
    41 members Last activity Jul 9, 2016
  • "Pioneers And Navigators Corporation"
    17 members Last activity Aug 31, 2012
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    19 members Last activity Jul 15, 2016