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  • This group is dedicated to the Timex Data Link USB watch.
    6312 members Last activity Apr 9
  • This group will discuss the most recent news/technical supports/accessories available in the market FOR FUJITSU-SIEMENS POCKET LOOX 600 Also, there will be reviews about some software for pocket pc devices
    339 members Last activity Apr 20
  • The primary purpose of this group is to support users of the HandyShopper application for the PalmOS and Pocket PC computer platforms. We're here to help each other with using the HandyShopper application and...
    16254 members Last activity Jun 16, 2014
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  • A group for users of the Palm OS Wrist PDA from Fossil or Abacus. This is the one with Palm OS 4.x, NOT the one that syncs with a Palm OS device.
    1943 members Last activity Dec 11, 2014
  • This list is to allow for the exchange of information between users of the Soaring Pilot Final Glide software for PalmOS-based PDA's.
    1146 members Last activity Apr 11
  • This mailing list is for Users, Publishers and Content Providers of electronic books (eBooks) that can be view and/or heard from any Handheld / PDA devices. This list...
    1243 members Last activity Apr 16
  • All things Pocket PC. All models, all makes. Hardware and software. Experts, Advanced Users, and Newbies all welcome. ****************************************** New Jan 2010: This...
    2440 members Last activity Dec 1, 2014
  • Peditors Forum started as a mailing list for general discussions among users of pedit—a.k.a. "peditors"—and other applications by Paul Nevai such as LapTopHack, pToolSet...
    1336 members Last activity Mar 16
  • Info, Questions, etc. about the Hewlett Packard Jornada 720,728 (710) Windows CE 3.0, Windows for Handheld PC 2000. Requests for membership require a message to the moderators, simply an introduction...
    940 members Last activity Apr 13
  • The premier list for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormons) who are using an electronic organizer, PDA, or Smartphone (Palm OS...
    901 members Last activity Jun 2, 2014