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  • Welcome. This is a club for people who like Team Rocket especially or just like Pokemon. So come on, join us! Whether you like Team Rocket or you just like Pokemon, this is the place for you!
    269 members Last activity 2:50 PM
  • This is a Team Rocket/Pokemon Group anything else is just not cool.
    802 members Last activity 1:55 PM
  • Welcome to the Girl's only Team Rocket Club! Where the girls rule the Team Rocket empire!!
    195 members Last activity 2:48 PM
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  • Hey all, and welcome to our Team Rocket Club! Hope you can enjoy yourself ^^ Feel free to come in here and just hang out and talk about Team Rocket or any other anime! Potential RP? Ash
    144 members Last activity 2:50 PM
  • Hey, I decided to make this club about Team Rocket! I dunno why but, hey, it's free!! Actually, the whole Team Rocket and Pokemon thing has been phased out of the club (but you can still talk about it though...
    142 members Last activity 2:52 PM
  • Hi, and welcome to the GPS Hangout! I'm Angela D and I run the Giovanni Protection Society! This is just a place to discuss the man we have sworn to protect, the man behind the shadow, our beloved...
    115 members Last activity 1:28 PM
  • Welcome to the best Pokémon/Team Rocket RPG on the web! Get you Pokémon now! All you have to do is go to my website below and read the Pokémon Rules, then Post a message with your...
    125 members Last activity 8:40 PM
  • Hideout of Team Rocket
    157 members Last activity 2:49 PM
  • We've hit over 4000 page views!!!Wich is just to sweet!!!!! All visitors Come and Join and receive 1st class pokemon data and codes plus newsletters and more!!!
    80 members Last activity 8:42 PM
  • Welcome to the RPG of Team Rocket World Wide ! Feel free to jump in anytime, just try and read some of the posts first, and let us know about your character!
    98 members Last activity 1:29 PM