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  • Men looking for transsexual girlfriend to date on their birthdays any serious tgirls and men that are interested please have a profile anyone else can join too
    249 members Last activity 12:34 AM
  • Would you like to recieve an e-card or card in the mail on your birthday do you want to find someone who has your birthday? You can also make friends, penpals here at The Exchange
    175 members Last activity 12:16 AM
  • Birthday Club! Join and receive a greeting on your birthday. Upload your birthday pictures, poems jokes or post your birthday stories. Most of all have fun on your Birthday!
    52 members Last activity Apr 11
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  • Birthday Present "Director of vision Jana Bennett pushed him close with expenses payouts of £60,000, on top of her £406,000 annual salary. She has stayed in some of the world's...
    7 members Last activity Feb 13
  • These are pictures of the dinner party that Sarabeth put together for Bob and Gayle.
    5 members Last activity Feb 13
  • Birthday Girl "Actress-comedienne Pokwang marked another year of her life with a fun-filled birthday celebration Tuesday night, August 27 at a bar in Quezon City. Pokwang, who's now one of the most...
    16 members Last activity Feb 13
  • Birthday Party Girl "A boat carrying 20 people celebrating the birthday of five-year-old twins sank overnight in a lake near the Albanian capital, killing 16 people, including the two children, police...
    20 members Last activity Feb 13
  • men and women and teens and tgirls birthday dating service....mexicans,canadians,europeans,germans,french,czechs,danes,dutch,russians,asians,scandinavians...
    561 members Last activity Jul 8, 2013
  • Bottineau Sisters plus Mom; Celebrating Birthday events and those special days in each of our lives with our loving family.
    9 members Last activity Oct 30, 2010
  • Reminders for all family members, Stewarts and Pickles and friends.
    2 members Last activity Dec 11, 2009