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  • Espn's Living Legends Uber Group
    86 members Last activity 9:31 AM
  • For active members of the Rascal Community... "Don't give up, don't ever give up!"
    111 members Last activity May 25
  • Curt Gowdy Football League, using Action PC Football, beginning play in 2000 with the 1971 season. Check out our web site at http://www.crimedog.net/CGFL
    29 members Last activity 5:28 PM
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  • Build Your Own Franchise Computer Baseball League - E-Mail and Files
    27 members Last activity May 26
  • The CTCBL is a Strat-O-Matic based play by Mail baseball league. Founded in 1985 by the revolutionary "Comrade" Gebeloff. Originally a 12 team American League only, the...
    26 members Last activity 2:37 PM
  • 1. OVERVIEW a) Each year the Pastime Strat-O-Matic Baseball League (PSBL) uses the Internet, a computer baseball game, and the previous year's Major League Baseball...
    30 members Last activity May 26
  • This list will be used for the league commissioner to disseminate information to the league as a whole. It may also be used the members to discuss trades, drafting and any other league relevant information.
    48 members Last activity 9:36 PM
  • Groupsite for members of the Jack Adams Memorial Hockey League, a play-by-mail league based on Strat-o-Matic Hockey.
    20 members Last activity 5:04 PM
  • This is the mailing list for the North American Hockey League, a hockey simulation league using Strat-o-matic computer hockey. This site will have the current league files as well as an other items that are...
    23 members Last activity 7:13 PM
  • EGroup for the coaches and alums of the Commonwealth Hockey League, a play-by-mail Stratomatic league now in its 27th season!
    19 members Last activity May 24