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  • A group for fans of French-Canadian traditional music in the Pacific Northwest. This includes Quebecois, Acadian, Franco-American and Metis tunes and songs...
    136 members Last activity Jul 14
  • Hard-(Music)-Core-Techno == For all the great gabber heads ==
    47 members Last activity Sep 7, 2014
  • BANDA -No+Mas; HARD KORE PUNK METAL; TIERRA DEL TEKILA; www.myspace.com/artefaktoweb www.myspace.com/nomasweb SERVICIOS: -Grabación, Mezcla Y Masterización...
    584 members Last activity Jul 3
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  • TO-NITE MAGAZINE is now Toronto Moon!!! To read Toronto Moon you need to get a subscription and then you can receive the pages via jpg/pdf attachments, as well as the mega-expanded listings as .doc...
    460 members Last activity Aug 14
  • Discussion (French or English) of traditional music of Québec. News of Québec folk events happening in la belle province and worldwide. When posting an event, please tell us : the city / the state, province or region / the...
    313 members Last activity Jun 4, 2015
  • This is the place to talk about music. It has since been neglected, but in its hey-day, it was quite a force to be reckoned with. Currently the ACM is looking for new ownership - someone who will love and cherish and...
    446 members Last activity Nov 15, 2016
  • Mailing list for Toronto's Mod Club. This list is not an active chat group, the only mails come from The Mod Club and will only be updates and news about the clubnights.
    231 members Last activity Apr 27, 2014
  • Nyce Records info page. Not to be confused with indie hip hop label (Nyce Records) which was registered AFTER Nyce Records became a fixture in the central Canadian music market. This...
    175 members Last activity Aug 4, 2012
  • talk, speak, utter, verbalize, vocalize, communicate, converse, discuss, proclaim, grumble, mutter, stammer, blab, chatter, gossip, lecture, pontificate, spout, write, correspond, chat, rap, discourse, talk.
    235 members Last activity Mar 12
  • This is a great group to sign up to if you want to hear about upcoming conserts and stuff or promote your own!! Also, music reviews and new cd releases etc!! You can also post them at
    119 members Last activity Mar 10, 2010