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  • DC Assyrians Yahoo Group is a forum for Assyrians who live, work, and/or study in the DC metropolitan area. An Introduction to Modern Assyrians The Assyrians are a people of the...
    80 members Last activity Oct 14
  • Dear members of zarira.com ! here is a place for you and us to be in touch more with each other . also this is an Assyrian group for youth , that incloud photos , news , reports from we & you about : history, science,sport,art,... you can add your...
    217 members Last activity Nov 10, 2014
  • khirota chaldoassyrian Syriac group assyrian chaldean Syriac we are one nation ���� ���������.. ���������.. �����.. �������.. �����.. ���... �����
    121 members Last activity Mar 20, 2014
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  • This is a list for the many Assyrians scattered throughout the world to meet and get to know one another.
    178 members Last activity Nov 25, 2016
  • المنتدى السوري القومي الإجتماعي مساحة لقاء لكافة المهتمين بالشأن السوري القومي الإجتماعي نأمل أن تكون مساحة...
    144 members Last activity Feb 11, 2016
  • this group aim to make a bridge between syrian young & palestinians to view thier opinion in democrasy way 7 to send aletter to a nongovernmantal organisation & big media instituion in the world in this group we should talk in objective way
    96 members Last activity Feb 27, 2016
  • Assyria; Ashur, Nineveh, Ur....Gotta be proud of THE WORLD'S MOST GLORIOUS PAST EVER We v'had The World's First Civilisation...
    75 members Last activity Aug 22, 2015
  • eAssyrian
    72 members Last activity Aug 26, 2012
  • اهلا بكم فى الحب والرمانسيه
    79 members Last activity Feb 20, 2014
  • This Site Is Operated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Assyria
    52 members Last activity Jun 17, 2016