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  • What is the best way to prevent pregnancy? Aids? STD'S ? Not with a condem. Its with no sex. Abistenence till you find your one partner you want to be with (married partner) will make sure you won't get or spread anything...
    1499 members Last activity 7:36 AM
  • A place for you to turn to when you don't know if you should or not. A place for people like you. A place where you know sex is great and even better if you wait, no matter the reason for your decision....
    853 members Last activity 7:37 AM
  • shadgroup
    1488 members Last activity May 28
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  • My name is Michelle Weeks and I am an advocate for preventing pre-marital sex. Please join my club and help encourage abstainance to all. Thank you.
    498 members Last activity 7:38 AM
  • I put it bluntly.. I've messed up. I've had sex and now regret it. I want this place to be a place to hang and support others like me. It's temptin to do it all again... but outa respect for that princess somewhere waitin for me I wont. *peace*
    383 members Last activity 7:42 AM
  • Nowadays everyone seems to think that you're square if you haven't had sex yet. Here we don't believe that. Tell us what you think the advantages to waiting are! Welcome!-Adam
    216 members Last activity 3:38 AM
  • Talk about music, relationships, anything you want to!!!!!!!!!!
    241 members Last activity 7:17 AM
  • Hang out and talk about your abstinence. Nothing wrong with being a virgin. Better safe than sorry, right?
    482 members Last activity 7:35 AM
  • Hi, In case you dont know who I am, How the f do you not know who I am. I am Bryan Barton King of Kings. God of Gods. Master of all Men, Lover of all...
    465 members Last activity 7:15 AM
  • This group is a positive affirmation from a woman's perspective of the freedom to be found in celibacy.
    353 members Last activity 11:48 PM