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  • Girls that like to feed it to guys, and guys that like it
    2825 members Last activity 12:04 PM
  • All welcome - bisexuals, bi-curious, lesbians, gay, and open-minded straight singles and couples. We are looking to hook up with and help others hook up! If you are a couple or single interested in...
    449 members Last activity 11:39 AM
  • For marries or single gay or bisexuals in the British military.
    222 members Last activity 9:47 AM
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  • we talk about males ho are gay and bi any ones welcome over the age of 15 please
    326 members Last activity 9:47 AM
  • a nice little meeting place for all the gay and bi gays in and around holland. whatever your looking for hopefully youll find it here.
    337 members Last activity 9:35 AM
  • I would like to experiment with both types of sexes now that im in college in WIT doin architectural technology. I would really love to meet other people like me, as im new to this& i feel a bit strange but excited about it, i know im just going to have so much fun! People in...
    337 members Last activity 9:45 AM
  • This is a group for bi sexuals in Tidewater. This group is not moderated nor run by big brother or those who have feelings of insecurity and feel they must monitor there group. Please feel free to join approval isn't required...
    264 members Last activity 9:00 AM
  • This group is for gay or bisexual teens who are looking for that one person to talk to, flirt with, or talk dirty with. Join us now!!!
    247 members Last activity 9:53 AM
  • Sexiest girls in bangalore are invited to join.
    229 members Last activity Apr 17
  • this group is for gay and bi sexual males ages 18-25 looking for roomates
    247 members Last activity 10:20 AM