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  • Aristeri Enotita Mixanologon kai Naypigon Mixanikon EMP
    24 members Last activity May 12, 2015
  • For all the people who passed SSC around March 95 and have had a 'sadma' and for all the people who want to know how a heart breaks.
    10 members Last activity Feb 1, 2014
  • Want your partner back? This is a forum for those people who want to save their relationships and stop their breakup, separation, or divorce. Breaking up doesn't have to mean it's over for good! Join us and exchange support, ideas, and...
    1545 members Last activity 3:44 AM
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  • FOUNDERS MESSAGE Ever Wondered If There Is One Person Out There For Everyone? Well,I Often Wonder.We Have All...
    475 members Last activity Feb 6
  • heart breakers got you down???
    364 members Last activity Feb 6
  • Satan Bitches get all the nice guys, when a nice, innocent pretty girl like me can't get the decent nice man? Here is my story, I`ve been dating this guy when he came to Turkey/Incirlik air force base. (July...
    539 members Last activity 10:19 AM
  • A Heart to rule off
    475 members Last activity 8:55 AM
  • This group is for people who are going through or have gone through a terrible breakup and just need a honest and committed person to share their feelings with.
    785 members Last activity 2:57 AM
  • this is a room to break or make up with friends and lovers in the sub/domme world,it saves embarrassment and pain to others who may be feeling in need of love or respect
    325 members Last activity 4:02 AM
  • Hey Guys/girls whats up im mike ...Looks like you have had your heart broked be 4 im sure maney of us have its hrd yea I know trust me! but every one gets over it usally with with some one eles or the same person...for...
    353 members Last activity 2:05 AM