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  • A group of Pakistani Statisticians,to share their studies in Statistics. Helps with homework, projects & tests
    229 members Last activity 6:27 PM
  • This is a Group of 1st Master Students in Maths at NUR
    14 members Last activity Nov 27
  • Notes about statistical concepts and related information.
    2 members Last activity 5:00 PM
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  • Role of Statistics starts when we are interested in getting information from the data we are having. Making research we can generate data. But most of the time looking simply at the data it is very much tough to draw any...
    1756 members Last activity Oct 26
  • Our Statistics department has an excellent history and we are very lucky to be a part of such institution. It was established in the year 1951, with (Late) Prof. K.Nagabhushanam as Head of the...
    210 members Last activity Oct 5
  • The group is intended to be centered around discussions of the works of E.T. Jaynes, particularly "Probability Theory: The Logic of Science".
    161 members Last activity Feb 2
  • The CSIDG is composed of Christians who either produce or use statistical results and concepts. Many of its associates are members of the American Statistical...
    69 members Last activity Aug 17
  • Milis dosen STK211 Metode Statistika di IPB
    41 members Last activity Nov 10
  • This groups belongs to those who are interested to do statistical analysis with R. R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. You can download R from http://www.r-project.org/index.html.
    41 members Last activity Feb 18, 2014
  • Explore Yourself for Contribution :)
    18 members Last activity Sep 21, 2014