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  • This is an Algebra students group of Ioana Dragomirescu.
    128 members Last activity Aug 23, 2015
  • List for use by researchers and advanced students of Mathematics to share information and news about the field of Universal Algebra, including Lattice Theory. Subscription will require approval...
    317 members Last activity Jan 8
  • This forum deals with whatever one may understand of a "hypercomplex number" program. Anyone can read entries, but you need to be authenticated in order to post yourself. Any serious post is welcome. For a GLOSSARY OF...
    57 members Last activity Jan 31
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  • This group is place for solved problems of linear algebra and discussion about it.
    461 members Last activity Feb 8
  • A list for discussion on Mathematics and Algebra, and in that discussion people that need homework math help or any math help may ask their question to the list, and one of the helpers, maybe even more than 1, will answer your question. If you know about algebra, join the list, and if...
    855 members Last activity Feb 7
  • This class is the best!!!
    136 members Last activity Feb 6
  • D.K.Faddeev algebraic seminar in St.Petersburg: announcements of talks. ïÂßÑ×ÌÅÎÉÑ Ï ÄÏËÌÁÄÁÈ ÎÁ ÁÌÇÅÂÒÁÉÞÅÓËÏÍ ÓÅÍÉÎÁÒÅ...
    72 members Last activity Feb 8
  • IN THE NAME OF GOD This group is belong to groupist and they are study on "Group Theory". Group theory in subfolder of pure algebra. tanks of you.
    82 members Last activity Feb 8
  • Post problems if you need help, or ask any question that you have. We will be happy to try to help anyone with math problems, particularly those which relate to algebra. Please be patient when posting messages. There may be some delay before your...
    1207 members Last activity Nov 17, 2015
  • This group is for the students of NJAEgarguin. I will post here some lecture materials, exercises, problem sets and grades/ standings.
    465 members Last activity Nov 27, 2013