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  • Comunitatea membrilor Societatii Inginerilor de Automobile din Romania - SIAR
    249 members Last activity 9:04 AM
  • FIRST Team #537 Charger Robotics A partnership between Sussex-Hamilton High School and GE Healthcare. Welcome!
    198 members Last activity Apr 25
  • This is the mail list of the Robotics Society of Southern California. Everyone who is interested in amateur robotics is welcome to participate. Please check out our website and forum at rssc...
    166 members Last activity 6:50 PM
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  • The Seattle Robotics Society is a world wide group of robotic enthusiasts who are active in discussing areas of technology related to robotics, electronics, mechanics, and software.
    3225 members Last activity May 3
  • We are a loose affiliation of people interested in robots, located in the Twin Cities, Minnesota metro area. Our monthly meeting is on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00PM at the...
    170 members Last activity Apr 25
  • SolidWorks User's group for the average guy. We're not for the arrogant, stuffed shirts who are full of self-importance. This group is for the every day user.
    203 members Last activity 7:54 PM
  • A MakerSpace is a lot like a gym membership, you sign up to use the machines, but in this case they are wood working and metal working tools/machines. Training on how to use them is offered. We...
    272 members Last activity 7:13 PM
  • This is the e-mail list for the Chicago Area Robotics Group, which supports all things robotic, including robo-sumo, firefighting contests, robotic combat, hobby robots, and others. If you...
    467 members Last activity 4:15 PM
  • The primary purpose of this group is to support those who are building the EDM (Electrical Discharge machine) described in: The two EDM books BUILD A PULSE EDM MACHINE...
    2691 members Last activity Apr 27
  • Believe it or not, almost anyone can build their own jet engine using materials as simple as old auto parts and a few pipe fittings. These engines are not toys, they are real jet engines built by keen...
    5648 members Last activity 2:52 PM