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  • This group was established: 1. To provide a forum wherein the theoretical and practical aspects of acoustics can be explored, examined, and discussed 2. To facilitate opportunities for professionals and...
    304 members Last activity Jan 2
  • This Group belongs to the Students of the "Acoustics and Lighting Architecture" Course at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.
    30 members Last activity Jan 14, 2016
  • Meeting notices and other information for the Kansas City Section of the Audio Engineering Society will be posted here.
    31 members Last activity Mar 10, 2015
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  • --for those of us studying, working, or interested in acoustics. Meet and network with other people in this specialized field.
    257 members Last activity Nov 26, 2016
  • Open to any discussion about audio amplifier design.
    183 members Last activity Aug 20, 2017
  • The Vibration Institute an organization dedicated to the use of predictive maintenance technologies, including vibration analysis, oil analysis and other condition-based maintenance technologies.
    93 members Last activity Feb 3, 2014
  • The ST-101 Applications Group is to provide technical information to users and people interested in the ST-101 Vibration Screening Tool. It also serves as a discussion and help forum for...
    94 members Last activity Dec 5, 2005
  • Sound Engineering is a part of audio science dealing with the recording and reproduction of sound through mechanical and electronic means. The field of audio engineering draws on many disciplines, including electrical...
    95 members Last activity Jun 16, 2017
  • Audio Engineering Society, Hrvatska, Fakultet elektrotehnike i raunarstva.
    42 members Last activity Jan 4, 2013
  • Engineers from industries, educational institutions and R&D organisations working in the area of noise and vibration control, who attended the short course by ISVR & RMKEC
    74 members Last activity Nov 25, 2016