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  • The Sadler Edepli lab at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine: lab calendar and information clearing house.
    15 members Last activity May 19
  • A forum to present and discuss science-based evidence and theories for the origins of life on earth from non-living chemicals. This is not a forum for debating non-scientific views of the origin of life including creationism...
    107 members Last activity May 25
  • Leica Confocal microscope in Dept.Biology, University of Fribourg. Bookings and communication (1) Booking is allowed maximum a half day (9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm) per user per week. (2)Morning before 9am...
    59 members Last activity Dec 6, 2013
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  • developmental biology
    235 members Last activity 1:21 PM
  • Türkiye'de Histoloji ve Embriyoloji, Üreme Biyolojisi va Anatomi gibi bilim alanlarında araştırma yapan, bu bilim disiplinlerinin ülkemizde daha ileri düzeye çıkarılabilmesi için...
    118 members Last activity 12:09 PM
  • Greetings! Welcome to the web portal of Biology 133 of UP Manila for Summer 2005-2006. Please feel free to post messages. Also, please upload pictures (w/ labels) so we have a good database of slides...
    58 members Last activity 11:07 AM
  • lab
    22 members Last activity May 13
  • Perhimpunan Biologi atau disingkat PBI, juga disebut The Indonesian Biological Society adalah organisasi profesi ilmiah yang terbuka bagi setiap pakar biologi/biologiwan dan peminat/pemerhati biologi yang dengan rela mengajukan permintaan menjadi anggota sesuai dengan...
    207 members Last activity Mar 8
  • This is the graduate class in developmental biology under Dr. S.D. Jacinto. You will upload your chosen topics here. I will upload my lecture file/s. We will communicate through this e group.
    10 members Last activity Apr 13
  • In our observation we are chasing an ever-retreating horizon of knowledge. Members will seek to discuss dogs and other canids in general, dog behaviour specifically, the mental development of dogs and other animals, interdog...
    102 members Last activity Apr 23, 2012