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  • This is a group for good, religious Jews. In this group, all types of Orthodoxy are embraced, with one thing in common: to keep all the mitzvot stated in both Torahs--Torah She'Bichtav and Torah...
    125 members Last activity 3:41 PM
  • A gathering place for the Torah Centered Noahide World Community to study and discuss Torah. Learn from Rabbis and each other. We encourage you to offer opinions, share ideas and be proactive in the...
    423 members Last activity Nov 22
  • B'SD to further protests,rallies and elf-defense activities against various anti-semitic terror groups.to defend Jews physically as well.
    78 members Last activity Sep 21
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  • Goal: To foster discussion and communication among the members of the student body of The Academy for Jewish Religion/CA. Rules: * Messages are private to the AJR student body. They may not be...
    150 members Last activity Nov 17
  • This is the mailing list for Dafyomi.org
    1921 members Last activity Mar 16
  • As of 15 October 2014, BIUShiur will be closed to new posts. (You can also view this message here.) Today we are announcing plans to close BIUShiur, in order to focus on strengthening communication throughout...
    527 members Last activity Oct 13, 2014
  • Mesorah is the group list for the Orthodox community at Rutgers.
    387 members Last activity Nov 20
    59 members Last activity May 11
  • Those studying Messianic Judaism, and wanting to learn more about Judaism are welcome to join us on this group. Counter missionary discussions!
    39 members Last activity Apr 3, 2014
  • The Columbia/Barnard Havurah is a Jewish group on campus that provides an open environment for Jewish students to explore their spirituality and build community!
    190 members Last activity Nov 26