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  • This community chessed is dedicated in memory of Rabbi Elias Lauer, A"H - HaRav Eliezer ben Aharon, A"H & Ilse S. Lauer, A"H - Chana...
    8207 members Last activity 4:16 AM
  • A group for the community to hear about events going and other topics. A group for shuls and members of the frum Jewish community. Events at shul or school, religious, cultural and events. We also cover neighborhoods...
    2851 members Last activity May 1
  • Welcome to the Frum Network. This list is geared toward Jewish Community. We seek to facilitate communication between Business Owners, Employers & Consumers who wish to be...
    1893 members Last activity May 1
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  • An announcement list for the Jewish community and Shuls of Central Queens.
    829 members Last activity Apr 30
  • The purpose of this group is to serve the Jewish community of Houston. It is designed as a bulletin board, or message center, for the members of the community to communicate informally with one another on a day to day basis. Things to post include...
    746 members Last activity Apr 30
  • Congregation Torah Ohr of Century Village, Boca Raton
    607 members Last activity May 1
  • Our Kehilah's Goals Kehilas Ishei Yisrael is based fundamentally on a serious davening in a warm atmosphere - a kiddush Hashem with regard to bein adam l’makom and bein adam l’chaveiro. Kehilas...
    377 members Last activity Apr 30
  • Nusach Ari Community Shule, based and organised within Sydney. Adheres to all Chabad Lubavitch minhagim. Address currently at 1 Penkivil Street Bondi.
    328 members Last activity 2:30 AM
  • PURPOSE: Congregation-Beth-Sholom@YahooGroups.com is intended for announcements of interest to members of Congregation Beth Sholom HOW TO SUBSCRIBE...
    304 members Last activity Apr 30
  • This is an announcement list for the Bais Medrash of Bergenfield, located in Bergenfield, New Jersey. For more information, please visit our website: http://www.bmob.org.
    287 members Last activity May 1