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  • Staten Island Shuls group is intended for announcements of interest to shul-goers in Staten Island.
    1081 members Last activity Oct 16
  • This forum is for discussion of matters of interest to Orthodox Jews in the NYC metropolitan area.
    196 members Last activity Oct 3
  • Mevakshei Hadaat מבקשי הדעת (Seekers of Knowledge)
    18 members Last activity Oct 8
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  • NY Frum Events - The best place to find out about quality frum events in the NYC area. A combined list of exclusive events (here and on our Facebook group ) of more than 1800 members, and a membership that...
    809 members Last activity Mar 5
  • Kol Zimrah - meaningful prayer through music. We are an independent minyan in New York, NY. Our services include the full kabbalat shabbat and maariv liturgy and are filled with exuberant harmony accompanied by acoustic guitar and...
    552 members Last activity Jul 20, 2014
  • OHR-SHLOMO (the light of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach) is the official "virtual community" of the CARLEBACH CHASSIDIM OF BROOKLYN, New York- a division of the OHR KI TOV...
    128 members Last activity Sep 4
  • Kol Haverim: The Finger Lakes Community for Humanistic Judaism (FLCHJ) is an Ithaca-based, growing community of Secular Humanistic Jews that...
    28 members Last activity Oct 15
  • this is a group for people who are interested in preserving and growing the stanton street shule.
    89 members Last activity Oct 10
  • This is THE place for Jewish singles to meet and get to know each other. Please introduce yourself and visit the links page.
    1091 members Last activity Oct 12
  • Information about people and events associated with Alumot. Alumot is run by Livnot U'Lhibanot for people who have participated in Israel programs who want to stay connected to...
    322 members Last activity Jun 24, 2013