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  • selamunaleykum arkadaslar beyazay1992@yahoogroups'a hepiniz hos geldiniz grubumuz hayirli olur insaallah...
    151 members Last activity 5:50 AM
  • Asalamualaykunna wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatahu ya Akhwaatee! Inshaa Allah ta'alaa you are all in the best of health and strong Eaaman! This group is based upon the understanding...
    57 members Last activity Mar 22
  • Welcome to Al-Hasanat e-group
    72 members Last activity Apr 16
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  • വൈജ്ഞാനിക ദീനീ പ്രബോധന പ്രവര്ത്തന രംഗത്തെ നൂതന ആശയങ്ങളുമായി എസ്.കെ.എസ്.എസ്.എഫ്. യാഹൂഗ്രൂപ്പ് . ഇ-ദഅ്വത്തിന്റെ സാധ്യതകള് ഉപയോഗപ്പെടുത്തി...
    3172 members Last activity Mar 28
  • This is for all MSSN Unibadan branch members, both past and present, to interact on their belief as well as communicate valuable information to one another with little effort. This group is strictly for this purpose and other halal issues could be...
    128 members Last activity Apr 6
  • Joining Way to this Groups: Send an empty email (yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail... accounts) to dawah_way-subscribe@yahoogroups.com you get a systematic email, then reply it without writing anything. Or visit bellow page and join the group: http...
    753 members Last activity Apr 13
  • To stay together for the fikir for DIN And DIN er mehenat
    42 members Last activity Apr 6
  • This group consists of Teachers and Graduates of The Institute of Islamic Education in Dewsbury UK.
    127 members Last activity 11:22 AM
  • News from the prayer room of the Catholic University of Leuven in the Campus/Heverlee, Belgium.
    41 members Last activity 6:41 AM
  • This Group aims to bond all members of each of MSAJ's societies, it's purpose to distribute news, events, announcements about the MSAJ activities. Muslim Students Association of...
    276 members Last activity Apr 16