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  • St. Antoninus Parish, Newark, was founded in 1875 by the Dominican Fathers. The first Mass was celebrated on Pentecost Sunday, May 16, 1875...
    168 members Last activity 2:52 PM
  • Coptic Church Saints Tamgeed www.CopticTamgeed.com St. POPE KYIRLLOS VI MIRACLES & BIOGRAPHY & TAMGEED (Coptic Saints Biographies and...
    1950 members Last activity 6:22 PM
  • Leitung bup Zomi SDA teng thu ki zak tuah kawikawi nang a, a ki phuan khia hi.
    449 members Last activity 9:33 AM
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  • Welcome to e-Koinonia! Warrenton Bible Fellowship's electronic community. The Greek word, Koinonia (koy-nohn-ee-ah), refers to community or fellowship. The goal of e-Koinonia is to facilitate community...
    282 members Last activity Jun 1
  • Tanglewood Church of God
    177 members Last activity May 31
  • Email ID for members/friends of Northside Baptist Church in Carrollton, Texas
    198 members Last activity May 30
  • Members and Friends of Bethany Christian Church, Carrollton Georgia.
    193 members Last activity May 31
  • This forum is strictly for parishioners and friends of St. Seraphim Orthodox Church in Santa Rosa, CA. It is a place where we can discuss theology, post a prayer request or request for help, want...
    153 members Last activity Jun 1
  • CBCSD Cantonese Congregation
    150 members Last activity 11:34 PM
  • This is the official page for the Ascension Mar Thoma Youth Fellowship, as far as announcements and any other info is concerned. Ascension Mar Thoma Church is...
    139 members Last activity Jun 1