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  • Coptic Church Saints Tamgeed www.CopticTamgeed.com St. POPE KYIRLLOS VI MIRACLES & BIOGRAPHY & TAMGEED (Coptic Saints Biographies and...
    1946 members Last activity 6:51 PM
  • Leitung bup Zomi SDA teng thu ki zak tuah kawikawi nang a, a ki phuan khia hi.
    460 members Last activity Nov 29
  • Welcome to e-Koinonia! Warrenton Bible Fellowship's electronic community. The Greek word, Koinonia (koy-nohn-ee-ah), refers to community or fellowship. The goal of e-Koinonia is to facilitate community...
    280 members Last activity 3:44 AM
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  • Email ID for members/friends of Northside Baptist Church in Carrollton, Texas
    195 members Last activity Nov 28
  • Tanglewood Church of God
    178 members Last activity Nov 29
  • Members and Friends of Bethany Christian Church, Carrollton Georgia.
    200 members Last activity 7:34 AM
  • This forum is strictly for parishioners and friends of St. Seraphim Orthodox Church in Santa Rosa, CA. It is a place where we can discuss theology, post a prayer request or request for help, want...
    163 members Last activity 10:57 AM
  • St. Antoninus Parish, Newark, was founded in 1875 by the Dominican Fathers. The first Mass was celebrated on Pentecost Sunday, May 16, 1875...
    167 members Last activity 7:38 AM
  • CBCSD Cantonese Congregation
    151 members Last activity 11:03 PM
  • Grace Church of Laguna Niguel, Orange County, is a family friendly church firmly committed to God and the teaching of His Word. We hold to a high view of the Scriptures...
    157 members Last activity 9:30 PM