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  • The Boston Area Volleyball Players Email List is the largest known electronic two-way volleyball discussion list on the internet. The BAVP, despite the "Boston" in the name, expands...
    2237 members Last activity 3:02 PM
  • KAVC is 45 years Old Now. AT IT since 1970... KAVC - Kampala Amateur Volleyball Club Collaboration Network...
    165 members Last activity 8:01 AM
  • JMP Volleyball was founded in 1996 by a band of scientists/avid volleyball players from Charles Evans & Associates. It now consists of more than 50 active members from various Bay...
    105 members Last activity Aug 28
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  • Montara Beach, located just north of Half Moon Bay, is the most competitive beach game between Santa Cruz and Berkeley. If you're heavily into twos (short court, sideout scoring) join us some...
    88 members Last activity 11:29 PM
  • Atlanta Based VolleyBall Team group.
    27 members Last activity 5:07 AM
  • For over 10 years, the group has been meeting at the volleyball courts in Pease Park, Austin, TX after work on Friday nights. We bring coolers of beer, food, kids, and dogs...
    61 members Last activity Aug 29
  • Have fun with friends playing Volleyball in Ballwin area.
    20 members Last activity Aug 28
  • This group is created for all people who've been part of the beach volleyball classes organized by City of Santa Monica and who want to continue play with their classmates. We meet over the weekends at...
    17 members Last activity Aug 28
  • Members and friends of the Tyler Heights volleyball gang
    26 members Last activity Aug 27
  • To play recreational Volleyball & member communication with in the Nation's Capital!
    39 members Last activity 10:22 AM