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  • Current frisbee pickup times: Tuesday and Thursday at 5 pm; Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm. We are a diverse, co-ed frisbee pickup group and we welcome players of all skill levels. We play at Penn Park...
    773 members Last activity 10:18 AM
  • frisbee ultimate austria
    404 members Last activity 6:33 AM
  • Welcome to New Orleans Ultimate Visit the Calendar to see the latest pickup schedule. Visit http://www.noultimate.org for maps and league information This group is NOT an ultimate ONLY discussion group...
    377 members Last activity 12:57 PM
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  • An email listserv for the Albuquerque Ultimate Frisbee community. Please put 'OT:' in the subject of non-ultimate related postings.
    285 members Last activity 9:48 PM
  • The AhOuhPuc Paris Ultimate mailing list aims to deliver information about the practices, tournaments and other events related to ultimate frisbee in Paris or this group of people who play together.
    261 members Last activity Apr 21
  • A newsgroup for Knoxville Ultimate players
    279 members Last activity 10:37 AM
  • Pyr·a·mus n. Roman Mythology A Babylonian youth who committed suicide when he mistakenly thought his lover Thisbe was dead. Shakespearian proto-Romeo & Juliet. (Nice to have a...
    239 members Last activity Apr 25
  • London-based Geo team, formed in 2004. Combining the strength, skills and spirit of Bad Habits and Albatross. We play open, mixed and as many fun tournaments as we can. All are welcome to join...
    178 members Last activity Apr 24
  • Mailing list for people who play pickup on the north side of town.
    180 members Last activity Apr 25
  • Contact list for the Santa Fe Ulitmate Frisbee community to keep people informed of pickup games and events. For current information about pickup, tournaments, and other disc in the area, please see our website.
    149 members Last activity 7:33 AM