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  • Current frisbee pickup times: Tuesday and Thursday at 5 pm; Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm. There is no poll for weekday games (just show up at the fields), weekend games are subject to polling for...
    859 members Last activity 10:42 AM
  • Updated: August 14, 2015 ================= Pickup Ultimate at Harvard (formerly Magazine Beach) Subscribe to the group for polls, game confirmations, location updates, etc. Games are...
    1086 members Last activity Nov 27
  • frisbee ultimate austria
    431 members Last activity 6:19 AM
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  • The AhOuhPuc Paris Ultimate mailing list aims to deliver information about the practices, tournaments and other events related to ultimate frisbee in Paris or this group of people who play together.
    280 members Last activity Nov 27
  • A newsgroup for Knoxville Ultimate players
    293 members Last activity 9:53 AM
  • Forest Hills Ultimate, also known as "The Game That Time Forgot". We play at Forest Hills Park, in Durham, NC, on the big field across the street from the parking lot...
    343 members Last activity 3:35 PM
  • Pyr·a·mus n. Roman Mythology A Babylonian youth who committed suicide when he mistakenly thought his lover Thisbe was dead. Shakespearian proto-Romeo & Juliet. (Nice to have a...
    240 members Last activity Nov 28
  • Mailing list for the folks that participate in the Ultimate frisbee game on Saturday mornings at Jenny Strand Park . Games usually start at noon. During summer there is a game on Wednesday...
    276 members Last activity Nov 27
  • Mailing list for people who play pickup on the north side of town.
    194 members Last activity Nov 28
  • laid back ultimate at Redwood City, CA PSC
    176 members Last activity Nov 24