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  • This group is for discussions of human powered footbikes, pushbikes and scooters and using them for recreation, exercise, sport, and commuting. If you want to discuss the Trikke 3-wheeled...
    629 members Last activity Aug 25
  • Reduce traffic congestion, protect our environment, save time and money, stay fit, and have fun riding a kick scooter! We're not just New Yorkers! Wherever you live, if you're thinking of buying a kick scooter or ride an Airwalk...
    450 members Last activity 2:22 PM
  • Hi if you want to talk and learn about Micro Scooter Tricks then this is the place to be. Please leave a message on the message board and add a link to your site, also submit as many photos as you can. THANKS!
    459 members Last activity Aug 30
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    507 members Last activity 4:01 PM
  • A place for Bam lovers
    1028 members Last activity Aug 30
  • Welcome to Skate Now, the official club for the best site on the net dedicated to teaching kids how to skateboard. Discuss tricks, music, love, life, and skateboarding in general. Enjoy...
    813 members Last activity Aug 31
  • This group is all about Bam Margera...yea i said bam margera lol ok well i will have loads of pix once i have all of them organized and i should be able 2 update every day so come join in on the fun
    266 members Last activity Aug 31
  • Hey everyone~! This club is designed for people to find people who want to talk about fashion for Skaters and Surfers. It could be casual clothing (for example, clothes you wear to school or going out with your friends) or...
    477 members Last activity Aug 22
  • What up skaters. Welcome to the Chad Muska Fan club, if you skateboard, and/or a Chad Muska fan then your in the right place. id like to began with the cool stuff we have to offer. exp. links, photos, chat, and a massage...
    446 members Last activity Aug 22
  • This club is forfat kids that skate. Most people have no faith that you can even ollie. truth is that even fat kids can skate as long as we dont listen to the a-holes that tell us "your too fat to skate". this is a place where you can tell your story...
    534 members Last activity Aug 21