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  • This is the online forum for the Mountain View Kendo Dojo located in Mountain View, California. As a member of the Northern California Kendo Federation...
    126 members Last activity May 19
  • The Austin Aikikai dojo
    74 members Last activity 12:13 PM
  • Three Rivers Aikido Yahoo Group This is a private group to be used by the students of Three Rivers Aikido.
    116 members Last activity May 17
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  • Official group of the International Capoeira Angola Foundation - Chicago. For class schedule and additional information, please visit our web page at www.capoeira-angola-chicago.org
    39 members Last activity May 14
  • Wadokai Aikido in Villa Rica, Ga.
    37 members Last activity May 21
  • Principle-based, Aikido teaching open to all sincere martial artists.
    27 members Last activity 11:50 AM
  • Welcome to the Aikido of Greater Atlanta yahoogroup site. We will be using site to provide information on classes and special events throughout the year. It is also a great way to contact your fellow classmates to...
    22 members Last activity May 21
  • Internt forum for medlemmer af Pilipino Fighting Systems Copenhagen. Vi træner systemerne Kombatan/Modern Arnis og Inayan Eskirma. Træningstider: Hver...
    62 members Last activity May 22
  • KHN Karate Class - American Isshinryu Sensei Loretta Allen
    15 members Last activity May 21
  • Welcome to the Keanedo Budo Kai Kenpo Dojo This is a live Dojo with a real working Kai All Martial Artists are welcome. We at the Budo Kai hope to...
    356 members Last activity May 19